Sunday 26 February 2012

A,B,C,D (and D)

For a while now, Stacey's had this plan to illustrate the alphabet according to D&D - the sort of thing you'd see hung on a classroom wall - with grown monsters for the upper case letters, and baby monsters for the lower case ones. The idea came from a children's illustration class she attended last year, where her tutor set the challenge of bringing letters to life. With 'Beholder Basic' gearing our thoughts towards kids, now seems an appropriate time to share the first.

Achaierais are massive, 15-foot tall flightless birds that prowl the Infernal Battlefield of Acheron. Despite their Sesame Street features, they're actually thoroughly evil, and delight in torture. They speak Infernal (in high-pitched squawking voices, I imagine), and can belch out clouds of black, maddening gas. Sounds to me like someone was smoking some of that mad gas themselves when they cooked them up.

Keep posted for "B is for...". With so many great contenders, who knows what we'll see? (one clue: it's not a Beholder).


  1. Who is Stacey? Where is this Abecedary taking place? On the blog or elsewhere? I love this kind of thing and would like to keep up with it. The first illustration is FUN!

  2. Hey Theodric, thanks! I'm glad you like the ABC monsters - It encourages me to carry on with the next 25 :)

    I'll be posting them up here, and over on my own blog soon too -

    B is incoming! I hope you like the rest!


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